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Product Care Instructions

Snap Concrete is a family-run business, offering exceptional and affordable service to our clients.

Our concrete has inherent variations in shading and colour as well as in the casting process making each table unique; no two are exactly alike - but that is the beauty of it!

Concrete may exhibit spots, hairline cracks and scratches due to exposure to the elements and usage. THESE ARE NOT CONSIDERED DEFECTS.

Fibreglass reinforced natural concrete (FRC) is comprised of natural materials such as sand, Portland cement, fibreglass, water and pozzolan.

Much like any natural material such as wood or stone, concrete is a porous material. The concrete has been thoroughly sealed with 4 coats of food safe high quality sealer to provide excellent protection against staining. Although the concrete may mark, this elegantly adds to the uniqueness and character of the table. Stains must still be avoided.

General Care

  • A cover is recommended when in use (placemats or coasters)
  • Spills need to be wiped up as soon as possible!
  • Using felt or rubber feet pads is recommended for objects left indefinitely on the surface (such as terracotta pots).
  • Do not place hot objects on surface as they may cause discoloration. Using a trivet is recommended.
  • refrain from putting adhesives directly on to the product.
  • Do not cut directly onto the concrete top.
  • Hairline cracks are possible, although not considered a defect- just a natural curing process.


General every-day cleaning of top

  • Clean with a damp cloth.
  • Mild soap may be used if needed, however must not use non abrasive, non ammoniated soap.
  • Do not use heavy abrasive, bleach-based, or ammoniated cleansers. Use of such cleansers will wear down the sealer protection and result in less stain resistance.
  • We do not recommend use of most natural cleansers (which are often citrus based), as the cleaning agent is typically highly acidic and can damage natural materials.
  • In the event that the coating is knowingly cut, scraped or damaged, sealer should be applied.
  • Expect occasional rings to appear from unknown liquids. Oils in particular can penetrate the surface if forced in from the weight of a glass or jar. Wiping up oil spills can minimize staining.


Snap Concrete uses only the highest quality food safe sealers available.

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