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Product Care Instructions

Through combining the skills of concrete craftsmen, blacksmiths and woodcraftsmen, we create premium concrete furniture. Our products are sustainably designed and hand crafted in Melbourne.

Concrete is derived from a number of materials that are variable in nature. Achieving consistent mixes with our specially developed blends of cement and pigments is a highly skilled process. We control all aspects of the manufacturing process to deliver outstanding products. Due to the nature of concrete, variations in colour and surface texture will occur. These idiosyncrasies create a distinctive aesthetic that is integral to the character of the material and is a huge part of the appeal.

General Care

  • Wipe spills as soon as possible;
  • Use protective covers when in use (placemats or coasters);
  • Use felt or rubber feet pads for objects left indefinitely on the surface (e.g. pot plants);
  • Avoid placing hot objects directly on the surface as this may cause discolouration. Use a trivet where possible;
  • Do not put adhesives directly on the product;
    Do not cut directly on the concrete surface; and
  • Hairline cracks may occur. These are part of the natural curing process and are not considered a defect.


Cleaning Guide

  • Clean with a damp cloth. Refrain from using scourer pads (it can scratch the product and breakdown the sealer);
  • Mild soap may be used if needed. Do not use abrasive, bleach or ammonia based cleansers. Use of such cleansers will wear down the sealed protection and result in less stain resistance;
  • We do not recommend use of most natural cleansers. This is because they are often citrus based with a highly acidic cleaning agent that can damage natural materials;
  • If the coating is cut, scraped, or damaged, sealer should be applied. Please contact us for recommended products to use;
  • Expect occasional rings to appear from unknown liquids. Oils in particular can penetrate the surface if forced in from the weight of a glass or jar. Wipe any oil spills as quickly as possible to minimise staining.


Handling Instructions

  • When moving the tabletop, the edge must be supported. Carrying end-to-end may result in hairline fractures occurring or light bowing. We recommend for it to be well supported and held in the centre of all 4 sides, as opposed to holding end to end.


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