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Warranty Information


Snap Architectural Concrete is a family-run business, offering exceptional and affordable service to our clients.


1. Our warranties against defects and remedies under these warranties are in addition to other rights and remedies of the purchaser under the Australian Consumer Law. Should your product be defective, you may choose to make a claim under the Australian Consumer Law.

Warranty Period

2. All components of your product (including fabric, lacquered and other timber finishes, chrome and metal, glass and marble and concrete) are guaranteed against failure due to a manufacturing defect for a period of one year from date of purchase.

3. To be entitled to claim under the Snap Architectural Concrete warranty against defects, the defect in the part or product must appear within the relevant time period set out in item 2.

Exclusions (subject to the Australian Consumer Law)

4. To the maximum extent permitted by law, and subject to the Australian Consumer Law, Snap Architectural Concrete is not liable, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), under any statute or otherwise, for or in respect of:

4.1. Normal wear and tear (refer to the Caring for Your Furniture). In this regard, please note that the following may occur as a result of natural and normal usage:

(a) leathers and fabrics will fade and crease;

(b) scars, marks and differing pore density and colour variation are natural characteristics of concrete;

4.2. damage caused by spills such as acid, solvents, red wine, dyes or other corrosive materials, ink, paint, or bodily fluids;

4.3. damage caused by improper cleaning, negligence, treatment of the product with chemicals

4.4. the cost of transporting the Product to and/or from the specified place of repair or replacement.

5. The warranty against defects is not transferable. It is limited to the original purchaser specified in the original Sales Order.

How to claim a warranty against defects

6. To claim under these warranties against defect , the Purchaser:

6.1. must cease using the product immediately after the defect appears; and

6.2. must notify Snap Architectural Concrete within 7 calendar days after the defect appears;

6.3. provide Snap Architectural Concrete a copy of the original Sales Order or tax invoice.

7. To make a claim contact Snap Architectural Concrete.

8. Once a claim has been lodged with our service department, Snap Architectural Concrete will assess your claim, and respond within 10 business days.

9. The purchase must bear the expense of making the claim, and the cost of all freight, house calls, labours and other items. These will be charged to the Purchaser at standard Snap Architectural Concrete rates.

Remedies for warranty against defects

10. If a part or product is determined by Snap Architectural Concrete to have a manufacturing defect, Snap Architectural Concrete will, at the election of Snap Architectural Concrete, choose whether to repair or replace that part or product.

11. Under the Snap Architectural Concrete warranty against defects, the purchaser has the right to repair or replacement of the defective part or product only.

12. To the maximum extent permitted by law, unless expressly set out in these warranties against defect, and subject to any condition, warranty or right granted or implied under the Australian Consumer Law or any other law which cannot by law be excluded by agreement, Snap Architectural Concrete has no liability to the purchaser under the warranty against defects (other than repair or replacement of the defective part or product), whether in contract, in tort (including negligence), under any statute or otherwise, for any loss or damage of any kind suffered by you or any other person in connection with the goods including, but not limited to, indirect and consequential loss.



13. Please ensure that your furniture is used as it was intended. Do not sit or stand on table tops, and do not pivot on the back legs of chairs.


14. As with any product, prolonged exposure of furniture to direct sunlight will harm it. Direct exposure to sunlight will cause concrete and fabrics to fade and may also cause excessive drying. Direct exposure to sunlight may cause timber products, particularly doors, tops and side panels to warp.


15. If thread becomes loose on the fabric, simply cut it off. Do not pull it. Dust is best removed using your vacuum cleaner with the appropriate attachment. Avoid harsh brushing and sharp objects (rings, buckles, toys) as it will cause snagging of threads. Do not allow cats and dogs to walk on fabric upholstered furniture. As many fabrics differ in properties, it is best to follow the unique care and cleaning instructions labelled on your fabric furniture.


16. Natural timber and veneer finishes will show distinctive markings, patterns and colour variations which are evidence of being produced from genuine timber materials. Always use protective heat coverings to protect against hot objects. A tablecloth is not sufficient. Always use coasters when placing glasses, bottles or cups on the surface. Regularly clean surface by wiping with a non-abrasive, damp cloth.


17. Concrete is a natural material. Each piece is unique in markings and patterns, pin holes and colour variation. Always use protective heat coverings to protect against hot objects. A tablecloth is not sufficient. Sealer may need to be re-applied every 2-4 years depending usage.

19. Always use coasters when placing glasses, bottles or cups on the surface. Any liquid spills should be wiped clean immediately. Remove dirt and dust by wiping with a warm, damp cloth.


18. Dust the surface regularly to avoid build-up of pollutants, which may cause the surface to rust. Only use a recognised brand of chrome polish, if necessary. Avoid contact with sharp or hard objects as this will cause scratching.


19. Use a regular glass cleaner with an appropriate soft cloth for glass. Do not apply glass cleaner to surrounding areas or the frosted side of the glass. Always use a mat to avoid hot objects being in direct contact with glass. Avoid contact with sharp or hard objects as this will cause scratching. Never lift glass tops from the ends of a table as this will put unnecessary stress on the surface and may cause it to break.


Snap Architectural Concrete goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement, refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Summary of Australian Statutory consumer guarantees

1. The Australian Consumer Law applies the following consumer guarantees to all goods you purchase from Snap Architectural Concrete:

1.1. The goods will be of acceptable quality;

1.2. The goods will be fit for a particular purpose;

1.3. The goods will match their description;

1.4. The goods will match the sample or demonstration model;

1.5. Any express warranties provided by Snap Architectural Concrete are satisfied;

1.6. You have title to the goods;

1.7. You have undisturbed possession of the goods;

1.8. There are no undisclosed securities on the goods;

1.9. Spare parts and repair facilities will be available for a reasonable time after purchase (unless you were advised otherwise at time of purchase).


Consumer Guarantee Remedies

2. If you have a "minor problem" with a Snap Architectural Concrete product, Snap Architectural Concrete can, at its cost, choose to repair the product instead of replacing it or refunding you.

3. If you have a "major problem" with a Snap Architectural Concrete product, you have the right to choose whether to reject the goods and either choose a refund or a replacement.


4. For goods, there is a “major failure” to comply with a consumer guarantee when:

4.1. you would not have purchased the product if you had known about the problem; or

4.2. the product is significantly different from the description, sample or demonstration model you were shown; or

4.3. the product is substantially unfit for its normal purpose and cannot easily be made fit within a reasonable time; or

4.4. the product is substantially unfit for the purpose you told the supplier about, and cannot easily be made fit within a reasonable time; or

4.5. the product is unsafe.

5. If there is a “major failure” of a Snap Architectural Concrete product, you can choose to:

5.1. return the goods to us and ask for a refund;

5.2. return the goods to us and ask for a replacement;

6. If your Snap Architectural Concrete product is subject to a "minor failure", Snap Architectural Concrete can choose to:

6.1. repair the Snap Architectural Concrete product at no cost to you;

6.2. replace the Snap Architectural Concrete product, against at no cost to you; or

6.3. refund you.

7. If Snap Architectural Concrete fails to give you a free repair within a reasonable time or cannot fix your problem, you can:

7.1. get it done elsewhere and pass on the cost to Snap Architectural Concrete

7.2. ask for a replacement

7.3. ask for a refund


8. You are responsible for returning the goods to Snap Architectural Concrete at your expense in the circumstances which you have picked up the goods or agreed upon by you or a Snap Architectural Concrete representative.


9. Consumer guarantees do not apply if you:

9.1. received what you asked for but simply changed your mind, found it cheaper somewhere else, decided you did not like the purchase or had no use for it;

9.2. misused a product in any way that caused the problem; or

9.3. knew of, or were made aware of, the faults before you bought the product.

For further information about the Australian Consumer Law and consumer guarantees, visit www.consumerlaw.gov.au

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